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Breathing Oxygen


Mengo Hospital

The Oxygen Plant is operational!  After 3 years of work, the plant arrived at Mengo Hospital on December 24 and was installed and handed over to the hospital on January 12.  The commissioning was  January 27.  In the past, Mengo Hospital relied on heavy cylinders of oxygen produced as a byproduct of a roofing manufacturer.  The system was unreliable, unsafe, and not cost effective.  FBC McKinney partnered with Mengo Hospital to purchase an Oxygen Generating Plant so that the hospital staff in the Neonatal Unit, the Emergency Room, the ICU, and the Operating Room can provide oxygen to the sickest patients at Mengo when their life depends on oxygen.                                                                                      



Our mission is to glorify God through our Christian partnerships with Mengo Hospital in Kampala and at Rukungiri Modern Primary School in western Uganda. 

Over the past 30 years, Uganda has been ravaged by AIDS.  However, international funding coupled with strong Ugandan leadership has led to a reduction in the prevalence of AIDS from 30% to 7%.  Now modern diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are emerging that can lead to cardiovascular disease.  Due to educational and equipment limitations, Mengo Hospital is eager for assistance to develop programs to identify and treat these modern health issues. 

Since 2008, our team has worked alongside doctors and nurses, building them up and affirming their work in a challenging medical environment as they seek to be pioneers in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, and the Neonatal Unit.  Our desire is to give the hope of Christ and spiritual confidence to enable the local healthcare providers to treat Ugandans with critical illnesses.

To God Be the Glory!

Email us for more information:

Email us for more information:


Wanted! Wanted!  Wanted!!

  1.   Physicians

  2. Emergency Medicine

  3. Critical Care

  4. Anesthesia

  5. Really...anyone!

  6.   Nurses

  7. Emergency Room

  8. ICU

  9. Recovery Room

  10. Neonatal

  11. Really...anyone!

  12.   Echocardiogram Technologist

  13.   Respiratory Therapists: 

  14.   Musicians

  15.   Construction Guys

  16.   Computer/IT Guys

If you feel led to join the team, God will use you!  We will find a way for you to make an impact as we share the gospel through word and deed.

June 2015 Mission Complete!

Check out the video celebrating how God’s name was made famous in Uganda!  Stand by for future potential journeys back to Mengo and Rukungiri.

Summer 2016 Mission Dates!

In June 2016 we will return to Mengo Hospital where we work shoulder to shoulder with the hospital staff.  Our medical team supports efforts wherever there is oxygen or a cardiac monitor and our ministry team leads music and tackles construction projects.  

Dates:  June 22 - July 5, 2016
Cost:  $3100 (airfare dependent)
Description:  This trip will focus on Mengo Hospital.  Our team will have a medical and a ministry component.
Team Meetings: To be Announced...

Mission Regan

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